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TRAKTOREN neuere Bauweisen -- LKW - OLDTIMER -- LKW neuere Baureihen -- MOTORRAD - OLDTIMER --
MOTORRAD neuere Modelle --

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evoh films

Postby nanyue » 7. Mar 2019 03:28

Surface printed 9 layer barrier co-extrusion poly nylon vacuum pouch
Vacuum pouch offers extensive range of high barrier PA/EVOH-based 9, 7 layer co-extruded barrier vacuum packing, gas flush and MAP Pouches These pouches are available in various sizes, have great strength and high clarity, and provide additional protection against oxygen & moisture. Available in various barrier levels (high, medium and low), VVacuum pouch is uniquely suited for producing large vacuum pouches & bags used in vacuum, gas flush and MAP applications for food and non-food services for retail industries & industrial usage.
Bag making process
Bag making process
Bag making process
Features and Benefits
The vacuum pack gives extended shelf life
Protective gas keeps the product fresh without preservatives
Excellent machine handling such that vacuum pouches do not curl
Has extremely high gas and moisture barrier properties
Possesses very good hot tack, seal properties, transparency
Excellent mechanical properties at low thickness, great cost efficiency
Very good resistance to puncture and tearing
Wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased the self life-custom design for specific application
Excellent aroma retention power
Over packing to protect against handling for hygiene during transport and presentation
FOOD PRODUCTS - Hard cheese , dairy, Meat, fish , marine, Frozen foods & vegetable (potato, peas, seasonings) produce, Dried fruits , nuts (cashew, walnut, peanuts, almond, dates) Tea , coffee, Grains, flour, spices, pulses (rice, sesame seeds, soybeans, Dried snacks, Ready to cook meals, Confectionary & Much more
INDUSTRIAL /CONSUMER PRODUCTS -Currency, Metal components (ball bearing, automotive parts), Welding rods, Animal food, Medical devices, pharmaceutical, Electronic components, Compound, Special powder , Old and useful documents packing for long storage, hygroscopic chemical packing & Much more
Packing Options
Vacuum bag & pouches
Gas flushing pouches
barrier pouches
Three & two side seal pouch
Tubular bottom seal pouch
Bulk bags & inner liners
Gusseted bags
Boilable & cooking-ready pouches
high puncture resistance pouches
Zipper & stand-up pouches
Contact us
GreenPak |Green Packaging Material(Jiangyin) Co.,Ltd | International Trade Department
E-mail: suki.wu@greenpak.com.cn. | WhatsApp: +86 13861646369 | Skype:suki.wuye evoh films
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